Now that you have access to The Property Developer’s Blueprint, I want to show you the most effective way to apply all these tips...

And go beyond replacing your income, prepare for retirement, and create the life you’ve always wanted as a Property Developer.

But before I do that, let me ask you a question…

What’s really stopping you from becoming a successful property developer?

A lot of budding developers mistakenly believe they have to learn everything about property before they can get started.

But that’s simply not true.

In fact, it’s a lie that turns people into ‘seminar junkies’ – attending events, buying books, paying for over-priced courses -- but afraid to take the next step to becoming a developer.

And I know from personal experience how frustrating that can be.

The problem is…

The internet is flooded with ‘armchair property experts’ – gurus who teach the theory of developing, but never develop properties themselves. The term ‘property development courses’ returns a whopping 159,000,000 results in Google alone.

Most of these are complete garbage. Others are written to sell (irrespective of your results). And the rest – bar a select few – tell you what you should do but not how to do it.

So, trying to learn everything is futile.

What To Do Instead

What most budding developers really need is support from an experienced, active developer – someone who has skin-in-the-game right now.


And that’s why I’d like to invite you to join this FREE SHORT COURSE in Property Development : How To Create Your Very Own Automatic Property Acquisition Machine where I will show you…

  • The exact process I used to create more than $1,031,000.55 in equity/cash between 2013-2017 without any prior experience in property investment in Australia

  • The 3 things I did that got me on the road to becoming a successful developer (Note: This changed everything for me – I’ll tell you exactly what I did)

  • The most valuable things I learned from the $110,000 I invested in books, courses, coaching and mentoring in property development (Hint: I learned far more from actually taking action. I’ll give you those lessons too.)

  • My Property Development System I used to go from ‘newbie’ to successfully developing over 60 units worth a combined $65.3 million in just under 6 years… including one 'no money down' deal that put $273,000 in my pocket

  • Overview of my Due Diligence process

  • Understanding Numbers and Financial Feasibility

  • The difference between Good & Great Property Developers

  • And a lot more...

Course curriculum

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    Automatic Property Acquisition Machine - Replay

    • APAM - Webinar Replay

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    How to Become a Property Developer

    • 10 Steps on How to Become a Property Developer

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    How To Find Your First Development Project

    • Property Development Due Diligence

  • 5

    Financial Feasibility Overview

    • Property Development Financial Feasibility

    • One Minute Feaso - Preview

    • Smart Feasibility Calculator - Preview

    • Lead Developer - Preview

    • Smart Real Estate Investment Analyser

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    Property Development System

    • Property Development System - Overview

    • Property Development System

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    Case Studies

    • Townhouse Case Study - Australian

    • Townhouse Case Study - International

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    Bonus Videos

    • 3 Ingredients of a No Money Down Deal

    • How to Grow Your Property Portfolio in Today's Market

    • Master these 3 Secrets of Property Development

    • 6 Strategies That Rule Them All

    • Here's How the Developers Do It, Using the Least of Their Own Money

    • 2 Things That Will Make You Money

    • Foundations of Property Development

    • No 1 Skill Required to Become a Property Developer

    • 3 Ways To Source Off Market Sites

    • Excuses I used to make

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    Good Vs Great Property Developers

    • Good Vs Great Property Developers - 1

    • Good Vs Great Property Developers - 2

    • Good Vs Great Property Developers - 3

    • Good Vs Great Property Developers - 4

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